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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Uno Service Revisions: March/April 2012.

Saturday 31 March
Last day of Uno operation of HCC contract route 341 (Hatfield – Essendon – Ware). To be replaced by Centrebus commercial route and Uno (direct) bus 641 – see below.

Sunday 1 April
Changes to services S1, S2 and S3 in St Albans; daytime frequency increased from every 20 minutes to every 15 minutes. This will increase PVR from 6 to 8 on these services. (This initiative is supported through the Local Transport Sustainability Fund).

The changes will be supported by a new style St Albans bus times guide with prominent Pinks branding.

From this date the price of the St Albans City Rover will be increased from £3.00 to £3.50 although this will be partially offset by increased area of zone and discounted group travel.

On this date Uno will cease operation of Sunday services H2,H3, H4 and H5 in Hemel Hempstead following a change of operator in the recent tender awards.

Sunday 15 April
The new 641 service from Hatfield to Hertford and Broxbourne will be launched (PVR 1).

Articulated ‘bendy’ buses to be introduced on the shuttle service.

These changes will be supported by individual service leaflets and the shuttle one will include details of alternative local bus services that link Titan/MacLaurin with the College Lane Campus in accordance with undertakings given to the University. An ‘inter-campus’ bus pass is available to enable UH staff to travel free of charge between these points.

In addition a leaflet will be produced for the London service (712/714) to promote day trip opportunities in the run up to the Diamond Jubilee and the Olympics. This will include details of London plus day tiocket that includes travel by local bus to connect with London service at Hatfield and St Albans.


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