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Monday, 21 January 2013

Update on bus services during periods of severe weather

Date.........Monday 21 January

Most services are operating normally – sections of route currently not being served are being reviewed on regular basis so as to restore service as soon as practicable

Route by route review

600/650   Normal
601   Normal
602   Not serving Porters Park, Shenley
603   Normal
607   Not serving Salisbury or Garden Village roads
610   Normal
614/644   Normal
615   Normal
621   Normal
622   Normal
625   Normal
634   Normal
635   Not serving estate roads around Clothall Common (Baldock)
636   Normal
641   Normal
655   Not serving Doggetts Way, St Albans
657   Normal
658   Not serving Porters Park, Shenley
659   Normal
700   Normal
712/714   Normal
HA1   Suspended
PB1   Not serving Oakmere Estate
S1   Normal
S2   Normal
S3   Not serving Villiers Crescent
S4/S5   Not serving Doggetts Way
S8/S9   Normal