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Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Service Changes: 1st September 2013

Update on service changes (Hertfordshire network) from 1 September 2013
600/650 - Hatfield Rail station – Business Park
No changes proposed but integrated timetable (with657/658/602) subject to joint promotional campaign with HCC

601 - Welwyn Garden City – St Albans
Minor adjustments to AM peak running times as reliability measure

603 - Welwyn Garden City – QE2 Hospital – Hatfield
It is proposed to revise the service so as to operate as follows;                
Welwyn GC – Hatfield – The Forum – South Hatfield – Galleria – deHavilland – Jersey Farm - St Albans city centre – New Greens
Service interval revised to operate at 15 minute intervals at peak times and every 20 minutes at off peak times. Renumbered 653

607 - Hatfield local service
Hertfordshire County Council are underwriting an improved level of service so as to secure a 20 minute service throughout the day (Mon to Sat) as a result of introducing a second bus at off peak times which will create a more robust timetable

610 - Enfield – Potters Bar – Hatfield
The off peak service (Mon to Fri) to be revised so as to operate on an hourly basis

615 - Stanmore – Borehamwood – Hatfield
Revised terminus at Stanmore (layby outside London Academy) – subject to London Bus approval

621 - Bricket Wood – How Wood – St Albans
Diverted via Park Street so as to provide improved service along Doggets Way/Vesta Avenue (in conjunction with bus 655) and provide link from How Wood/Bricket Wood to Sainsbury Store on Griffiths Way. Renumbered 652

625 - Stevenage – Hitchin – Letchworth Estates
Contract subject to annual negotiation with North Herts College and a review of  peak hour workings has been undertaken so as to address continuing overloading problems (particularly during the morning peak period)and to look to reduce gaps between journeys at key times

636 - Hatfield – Harpenden – Luton
Peak hours service (Luton Station to Hatfield/London Colney) converted to double deck operation and a revised route via Southdown Road, Wheathampstead Road, Harpenden and Brewhouse Hill, Wheathampstead to be adopted. Service using this route numbered 637    
Off peak daytime service to remain as single deck and continue with existing routing One single deck vehicle (AM and PM peaks) to provide Leagrave extension and peak hour operation via Batford in term times This will improve passenger capacity at peak times and address the overloading issue experienced in the last academic year The new service will provide an effective interchanges with the Luton Busway at Luton Rail Station (towards Dunstable in one direction and Luton Airport in the other) which is due to start operating later in the year Reduced peak hours and evening service between Hatfield and London Colney

641 - Hatfield – Hertford – Broxbourne
A new timetable has been drawn up to link buses 641 and 324(HCC temporary contract) and to provide a coordinated timetable between Hatfield and Hertford with service 341.
The outcome of the latest tender round , involving routes 324/341 is due by end of July . In the event of the Company being unsuccessful , the 641 route will continue in its present format

655 - Hatfield – St Albans – Borehamwood
Revised terminus in South Borehamwood; most journeys will now operate to and from Farriers Way (as set out in separate staff notice)
This change to be introduced from 28 July

657 - Hatfield – St Albans – Harpenden – Redbourn
Minor revisions to journeys at start and finish of day. (0603 ex Redbourn to commence from Southdown Road, Plough and Harrow at 0613 and the 1835 ex Redbourn to operate as far as Wheathampstead only)

712/714 - Hatfield/St Albans – London, Victoria
This service to be withdrawn for financial reasons from October 7th 2013

HA1 - Harpenden local service
A review of loadings has been undertaken with Hertfordshire County Council and a revised (and simplified) timetable has been drawn up and accepted by HCC.

PB1 - Potters Bar local service
Discussions are progressing with Hertfordshire County Council to secure some additional funding so as retain the current level of service

St Albans – Cell Barnes
revised to operate as free standing (2 bus) operation with 15/20 minute frequency (peak/offpeak) Renumbered 651 

S2 - St Albans – New Greens                                                      
withdrawn in current form (see 603)

S3 - St Albans – Jersey Farm                                                       
withdrawn in current form (see 603)                       

Monday, 18 February 2013

Uno changes to services: 24th February & 31st March 2013

UNO   Changes to bus times.....

from 24th February 2013
601Evening and afternoon times changed to improve reliability.

602 - Sunday times changed to improve reliability.

603New timetable to improve reliability. Short journeys previously terminating at the Forum now terminate at the Galleria.

621New timetable, School journeys to/from Townsend School now start/finish at Garston.

622Minor timing changes to improve reliability Monday to Friday. New Saturday service also commences.

625Reduced between peak periods, some journeys extended to/from Hatfield.

634Service withdrawn due to poor usage.

635New timetable to improve reliability. Additional AM journey to Hatfield.

700New timetable to improve reliability.

from 31st March 2013
S4/S5Mon to Sat (daytime) service withdrawn, replaced by a new operator.

655New timetable Monday to Friday to improve reliability.

5/354New service Saturdays only between Harlow and Buntingford

242New Sunday service between. Welwyn Garden City – Hatfield – Potters Bar – Cuffley – Waltham Cross

Monday, 21 January 2013

Update on bus services during periods of severe weather

Date.........Monday 21 January

Most services are operating normally – sections of route currently not being served are being reviewed on regular basis so as to restore service as soon as practicable

Route by route review

600/650   Normal
601   Normal
602   Not serving Porters Park, Shenley
603   Normal
607   Not serving Salisbury or Garden Village roads
610   Normal
614/644   Normal
615   Normal
621   Normal
622   Normal
625   Normal
634   Normal
635   Not serving estate roads around Clothall Common (Baldock)
636   Normal
641   Normal
655   Not serving Doggetts Way, St Albans
657   Normal
658   Not serving Porters Park, Shenley
659   Normal
700   Normal
712/714   Normal
HA1   Suspended
PB1   Not serving Oakmere Estate
S1   Normal
S2   Normal
S3   Not serving Villiers Crescent
S4/S5   Not serving Doggetts Way
S8/S9   Normal 

Monday, 10 December 2012

Christmas & New Year bus times.

We will be operating the following services across the Christmas and New Years holidays.

Sunday 23 December
Sunday service.

Monday 24 December
Saturday service with an early finish (see here).

Tuesday 25 & Wednesday 26 December
No buses.

Thursday 27 & Friday 28 December
Saturday service.

Saturday 29 December
Saturday service.

Sunday 30 December
Sunday service.

Monday 31 December
Saturday service with early finish (see here).

Tuesday 1 January
Sunday service.

Please note that service 19 in Northampton will be unable to serve Greyfriars bus station on this date.

Wednesday 2 January
Normal service resumes.

*See here for last bus times.

Last buses on Christmas eve & New Years eve.

The following times are the last operated buses on Christmas eve & New years eve.

101 - 7.15pm from Hatfield The Forum to Hitchin Hermitage Road
301 - 7.24pm from Welwyn Garden City to St. Albans St. Peters Street
602 - 7.09pm from Hatfield Business School to London Colney Sainsbury’s
602 - 6.55pm from Watford High Street to Hatfield The Forum
607 - 7.35pm from Hatfield station to Hatfield station
607 - 8.05pm from Hatfield station to Hatfield bus garage
635 - 5.45pm from Hatfield The Forum to Baldock
635 - 6.40pm from Baldock to Hatfield The Forum
700 - 7.05pm from Baldock to Stansted Airport
700 - 8.15pm from Stansted Airport to Baldock 
All other buses will operate a full Saturday service.

St. Albans Buses
S1 - 7.45pm from St Albans St Peters Street to Cell Barnes Drakes Drive
S1 - 7.55pm from Cell Barnes Drakes Drive to St Albans City Station
S2 - 7.23pm from St Albans City Station to New Greens High Oaks
S2 - 7.35pm from New Greens High Oaks to St Albans Peter Street
S3 - 7.26pm from St Albans Peter Street to Jersey Farm Newgate Close
S3 - 7.39pm from Newgate close to St Albans station to Hatfield bus garage
S4 - 7.32pm from St Albans station to Cottonmill Trumpinton Drive
S4 - 7.45pm from Cottonmill Trumpinton Drive to St Albans City Station
All other buses will operate a full Saturday service.

Northampton Buses
19 - 7.30pm from University of Northampton Park Campus to Northampton Greyfriars bus station
19 - 7.59pm from Northampton Greyfriars bus station to University of Northampton Park Campus 

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Uno Buses in Northampton

Uno Buses has entered into a joint venture with the University of Northampton to operate bus services in Northampton from September 2012. The services – routes 18 & 19 - will mainly link the 2 campuses in Northampton with the city centre, bus and rail station and will be a 7 day service during term time. The core route will operate using Mercedes Citaro buses in a livery that will be a variation of the Uno Buses pink and purple livery and the operation will be based at the Northampton University Park campus.

Uno Buses is a wholly owned subsidiary of the University of Hertfordshire and operates 90 buses on commercial services in Hertfordshire.  The University of Hertfordshire is an award winning business facing University with a turnover of £250m per annum and approximately 25000 staff and students.  The University of Northampton is a leading university in integrating teaching and research activities with social enterprise and has a student and staff body of 15000.

James Thorpe, Managing Director, Uno Buses.

Click for the official Uno Northampton Facebook

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Uno Service Revisions. July 29th 2012

On July 29th 2012 there are changes to several of  Uno's bus times & routes. Here is a summary of the adjustments - Check out the new timetables on the Uno or Intalink websites. (Edit: Timetables will be viewable closer to 29th July).

600/650 Business Park Shuttle
    Extra buses at off peak times between Hatfield rail station and the business park - See 620 or 658.

•   Timetable changes including later evening buses.
•   New fare zones for Oakland College students.
•   Routes 601, 602, 657 and 658 run up to every 10 minutes between UH deHavilland and St Albans during the day.

•   Hatfield buses will stop at deHavilland bus interchange instead of by the Comet Hotel.
•   Routes 601, 602, 657 and 658 run up to every 10 minutes between UH deHavilland and St Albans during the day.

•   Off peak buses will be extended from the Business Park to Tesco at Oldings Corner.
•   University term time buses will run every 15 minutes between Welwyn Garden City, Queen Elizabeth II Hospital, Hatfield rail station & town centre and UH The Forum.

•   Replaced by additional buses on route 603.

•   Minor changes to peak time buses.
•   New bus to and from Dame Alice Owen School.

•   Between RNO Hospital and Stanmore station buses will run along Wood Lane instead of Canons Corner.
•   Monday to Friday daytime buses will run every 30 minutes.
•   New Saturday buses will run every hour.

•   Renumbered 657, with minor timetable changes.
•   Peak time buses between Redbourn and Hemel Hempstead are withdrawn.
•   Off peak buses will be extended from Hatfield rail ration to Business Park.

•   Now runs between Bricket Wood and St Albans.
•   School day bus between Watford and Townsend School is unchanged.

•   More buses at peak times
•   Improved off peak service runs every hour until early afternoon.

•   New timetable and route - now a circular tour around the Jackmans and Grange Estates in Letchworth.
•   Routes 625 and 635 run every 30 minutes between Stevenage, Hitchin and Letchworth.

•   New timetable
•   New route in Hemel Hempstead now includes Bennetts End and Apsley.

•   Buses will continue from Letchworth to Baldock Market Place, with some buses also continuing to Clothall Common.
•   The Grange Estate will be served by route 625.
•   Diversion via Pin Green at peak times is withdrawn.
•   New buses on Saturdays and Sundays will run every 2 hours.
•   New connections at Baldock with route 700 for connections to Bishop's Stortford and Stansted Airport.

•   Minor timetable changes.

•   New special school services linking Flamstead and Redbourn to Harpenden schools.

•   No change to buses between Borehamwood and St Albans.
•   Buses will continue to Hatfield Business Park via Fleetville, UH de Havilland campus, The Galleria, Hatfield town centre and rail station.
•   Routes 601, 602 657 and 658 run up to every 10 minutes between UH deHavilland and St Albans.

•   New evening journey from St Albans to London Colney on Mondays to Saturdays.

•   Now runs between Baldock and Stansted Airport guaranteed connections at Baldock to route 635 towards Letchworth, Hitchin, Stevenage and Hatfield.

•   Minor changes to timetable.

•   New timetable with improved links to Harpenden Schools from Cross Lane and Aldwickbury.
•   New later bus to Aldwickbury and Cross Lane.
•   Extra buses on Saturday afternoons.

•   These routes are withdrawn as part of Hertfordshire County Council's school transport review.