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Monday, 10 December 2012

Christmas & New Year bus times.

We will be operating the following services across the Christmas and New Years holidays.

Sunday 23 December
Sunday service.

Monday 24 December
Saturday service with an early finish (see here).

Tuesday 25 & Wednesday 26 December
No buses.

Thursday 27 & Friday 28 December
Saturday service.

Saturday 29 December
Saturday service.

Sunday 30 December
Sunday service.

Monday 31 December
Saturday service with early finish (see here).

Tuesday 1 January
Sunday service.

Please note that service 19 in Northampton will be unable to serve Greyfriars bus station on this date.

Wednesday 2 January
Normal service resumes.

*See here for last bus times.

Last buses on Christmas eve & New Years eve.

The following times are the last operated buses on Christmas eve & New years eve.

101 - 7.15pm from Hatfield The Forum to Hitchin Hermitage Road
301 - 7.24pm from Welwyn Garden City to St. Albans St. Peters Street
602 - 7.09pm from Hatfield Business School to London Colney Sainsbury’s
602 - 6.55pm from Watford High Street to Hatfield The Forum
607 - 7.35pm from Hatfield station to Hatfield station
607 - 8.05pm from Hatfield station to Hatfield bus garage
635 - 5.45pm from Hatfield The Forum to Baldock
635 - 6.40pm from Baldock to Hatfield The Forum
700 - 7.05pm from Baldock to Stansted Airport
700 - 8.15pm from Stansted Airport to Baldock 
All other buses will operate a full Saturday service.

St. Albans Buses
S1 - 7.45pm from St Albans St Peters Street to Cell Barnes Drakes Drive
S1 - 7.55pm from Cell Barnes Drakes Drive to St Albans City Station
S2 - 7.23pm from St Albans City Station to New Greens High Oaks
S2 - 7.35pm from New Greens High Oaks to St Albans Peter Street
S3 - 7.26pm from St Albans Peter Street to Jersey Farm Newgate Close
S3 - 7.39pm from Newgate close to St Albans station to Hatfield bus garage
S4 - 7.32pm from St Albans station to Cottonmill Trumpinton Drive
S4 - 7.45pm from Cottonmill Trumpinton Drive to St Albans City Station
All other buses will operate a full Saturday service.

Northampton Buses
19 - 7.30pm from University of Northampton Park Campus to Northampton Greyfriars bus station
19 - 7.59pm from Northampton Greyfriars bus station to University of Northampton Park Campus 

Thursday, 26 July 2012

Uno Buses in Northampton

Uno Buses has entered into a joint venture with the University of Northampton to operate bus services in Northampton from September 2012. The services – routes 18 & 19 - will mainly link the 2 campuses in Northampton with the city centre, bus and rail station and will be a 7 day service during term time. The core route will operate using Mercedes Citaro buses in a livery that will be a variation of the Uno Buses pink and purple livery and the operation will be based at the Northampton University Park campus.

Uno Buses is a wholly owned subsidiary of the University of Hertfordshire and operates 90 buses on commercial services in Hertfordshire.  The University of Hertfordshire is an award winning business facing University with a turnover of £250m per annum and approximately 25000 staff and students.  The University of Northampton is a leading university in integrating teaching and research activities with social enterprise and has a student and staff body of 15000.

James Thorpe, Managing Director, Uno Buses.

Click for the official Uno Northampton Facebook

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Uno Service Revisions. July 29th 2012

On July 29th 2012 there are changes to several of  Uno's bus times & routes. Here is a summary of the adjustments - Check out the new timetables on the Uno or Intalink websites. (Edit: Timetables will be viewable closer to 29th July).

600/650 Business Park Shuttle
    Extra buses at off peak times between Hatfield rail station and the business park - See 620 or 658.

•   Timetable changes including later evening buses.
•   New fare zones for Oakland College students.
•   Routes 601, 602, 657 and 658 run up to every 10 minutes between UH deHavilland and St Albans during the day.

•   Hatfield buses will stop at deHavilland bus interchange instead of by the Comet Hotel.
•   Routes 601, 602, 657 and 658 run up to every 10 minutes between UH deHavilland and St Albans during the day.

•   Off peak buses will be extended from the Business Park to Tesco at Oldings Corner.
•   University term time buses will run every 15 minutes between Welwyn Garden City, Queen Elizabeth II Hospital, Hatfield rail station & town centre and UH The Forum.

•   Replaced by additional buses on route 603.

•   Minor changes to peak time buses.
•   New bus to and from Dame Alice Owen School.

•   Between RNO Hospital and Stanmore station buses will run along Wood Lane instead of Canons Corner.
•   Monday to Friday daytime buses will run every 30 minutes.
•   New Saturday buses will run every hour.

•   Renumbered 657, with minor timetable changes.
•   Peak time buses between Redbourn and Hemel Hempstead are withdrawn.
•   Off peak buses will be extended from Hatfield rail ration to Business Park.

•   Now runs between Bricket Wood and St Albans.
•   School day bus between Watford and Townsend School is unchanged.

•   More buses at peak times
•   Improved off peak service runs every hour until early afternoon.

•   New timetable and route - now a circular tour around the Jackmans and Grange Estates in Letchworth.
•   Routes 625 and 635 run every 30 minutes between Stevenage, Hitchin and Letchworth.

•   New timetable
•   New route in Hemel Hempstead now includes Bennetts End and Apsley.

•   Buses will continue from Letchworth to Baldock Market Place, with some buses also continuing to Clothall Common.
•   The Grange Estate will be served by route 625.
•   Diversion via Pin Green at peak times is withdrawn.
•   New buses on Saturdays and Sundays will run every 2 hours.
•   New connections at Baldock with route 700 for connections to Bishop's Stortford and Stansted Airport.

•   Minor timetable changes.

•   New special school services linking Flamstead and Redbourn to Harpenden schools.

•   No change to buses between Borehamwood and St Albans.
•   Buses will continue to Hatfield Business Park via Fleetville, UH de Havilland campus, The Galleria, Hatfield town centre and rail station.
•   Routes 601, 602 657 and 658 run up to every 10 minutes between UH deHavilland and St Albans.

•   New evening journey from St Albans to London Colney on Mondays to Saturdays.

•   Now runs between Baldock and Stansted Airport guaranteed connections at Baldock to route 635 towards Letchworth, Hitchin, Stevenage and Hatfield.

•   Minor changes to timetable.

•   New timetable with improved links to Harpenden Schools from Cross Lane and Aldwickbury.
•   New later bus to Aldwickbury and Cross Lane.
•   Extra buses on Saturday afternoons.

•   These routes are withdrawn as part of Hertfordshire County Council's school transport review.

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Road Closure: A1250 (Bishops Stortford) 6th & 7th June.

This evening (6th June) the A1250 will close in Bishops Stortford. Route 700 is diverting via Northgate End/Rye St/Michaels Rd/Stansted Rd/A120 in both directions. Missing none of its usual stops.

Tomorrow (7th June) however Stansted Bound from Hadham Road will divert down North Street/Bridge Street/Causeway (normal route), serving the stop in Bridge Street in place of The Causeway.

Stevenage bound will use Hockerill Street (as normal) diverting down Dane St/South St/Market St/Potter St/North St and back on to Hadham Road, serving the Tesco bus stop and the last stop in Dunmow Road (before the Hockerill traffic lights), missing out the usual Causeway stop.

Sunday, 3 June 2012

St. Peters Street (St. Albans) closure for Jubilee

Queens Jubilee Celebrations

St. Peters Street – St. Albans

Closure : 4th June 04:00 - 5th June 06:00

Routes: 34/304/321/343/301/620/S1/S2 Please use stops on Hatfield Road.

Routes: 321/656/S3/S4/S5 Please use stops on London Road.

Route 602 to Hatfield use temp. stop on Upper Lattimore Road. to Watford use Victoria Sreet adjacent to Upper Lattimore Road junction.

Route 84 will terminate at St Albans City Station.

Please use stops as shown. Apologies for any inconvienience.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Non-Term Service Changes from Saturday 26th May.

Saturday services from 26th May.
The inter campus shuttle will cease to operate. 602 journeys marked in the timetable as term time only journeys will cease to operate. (Late night journeys).

Sunday Services from 27th May.
The inter campus shuttle will cease to operate.

Monday to Friday services from 28th May.
The Park and Ride shuttle will cease to operate being replaced by an inter campus shuttle operating every 15 minutes from 08:00 until 18:00.

602 journeys marked in the timetable as term time only journeys will cease to operate. (Late night journeys).

The 604 shuttle between Hatfield Station and The Forum will cease to operate.

636 Journeys marked in the timetable as term time only journeys will cease to operate. (Late journeys and one journey from Luton in the morning).

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Uno Service Revisions: March/April 2012.

Saturday 31 March
Last day of Uno operation of HCC contract route 341 (Hatfield – Essendon – Ware). To be replaced by Centrebus commercial route and Uno (direct) bus 641 – see below.

Sunday 1 April
Changes to services S1, S2 and S3 in St Albans; daytime frequency increased from every 20 minutes to every 15 minutes. This will increase PVR from 6 to 8 on these services. (This initiative is supported through the Local Transport Sustainability Fund).

The changes will be supported by a new style St Albans bus times guide with prominent Pinks branding.

From this date the price of the St Albans City Rover will be increased from £3.00 to £3.50 although this will be partially offset by increased area of zone and discounted group travel.

On this date Uno will cease operation of Sunday services H2,H3, H4 and H5 in Hemel Hempstead following a change of operator in the recent tender awards.

Sunday 15 April
The new 641 service from Hatfield to Hertford and Broxbourne will be launched (PVR 1).

Articulated ‘bendy’ buses to be introduced on the shuttle service.

These changes will be supported by individual service leaflets and the shuttle one will include details of alternative local bus services that link Titan/MacLaurin with the College Lane Campus in accordance with undertakings given to the University. An ‘inter-campus’ bus pass is available to enable UH staff to travel free of charge between these points.

In addition a leaflet will be produced for the London service (712/714) to promote day trip opportunities in the run up to the Diamond Jubilee and the Olympics. This will include details of London plus day tiocket that includes travel by local bus to connect with London service at Hatfield and St Albans.

Monday, 5 March 2012

Road Closure: Watford Rd - Radlett. Tuesday 6th March & Wednesday 7th March 0930 - 1530.

Edit: (Wednesday 28th March) Watford Road is still closed, customers are advised to use stops at Bushey or Radlett.

Edit: (Tuesday 27th March) Watford Road has been closed again resulting in route 602 resuming the diversion. The road will re-open at 4:30pm, expect delays in the mean time.

Route 602 is scheduled to divert around Watford Road B426 (Radlett) due to planned road works. Resulting in no service in Aldenham & Battlers Green.

The 602 will divert via A41 Nth Western Avenue, Elstree Road, Watford Road A411, High Street Elstree, Elstree Hill Nth, Watling St A5183 and Cobden Hill to Shenley Hill and reverse. Passengers should use stops before and after the diversion route.

Friday, 24 February 2012

Changes to the 621 timetable.

A new timetable commenced for route 621 on Monday 20th Febuary.

The changes are as follows:

·The 07:43 ex Bricket Wood to Hatfield now operates 07:05 from Watford Town Centre and finishes at New Greens Estate, High Oaks on Schooldays and St. Albans City Station on School Holidays.

·The 15:15 ex Hatfield to Watford now operates 15:40 from New Greens Estate, High Oaks to Watford on Schooldays and 15:54 from St. Albans City Station to Watford on School Holidays.

·The 16:50 622 ex Watford now runs 10 mins later departing at 17:00.

·The 18:13 622 ex Hatfield Business Park now runs 5 minutes later departing at 18:18.

View the new timetable here

Monday, 6 February 2012

Service Update 6th February 2012

All services are running full line of route,there might be some delays due to the weather!

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Service Disruption Update 5th February 2012

Service 700 to Stanstead had to miss out Hitchin station & puckeridge village

Services still can't serve Bishops Rise,

Intercampus shuttle can only be served via Roehyde Way (stops 4,5 &6) oneway from the car park end

Service Disruption On Sunday 5th February 2012

Service Disruption On Sunday 5th February 2012

All services disrupted due to adverse weather condions

602 Service running between Hatfield & London Colney (Not serving Bishops Rise at the Moment)

607 service is an hourly service

405-405 are ok just not serving Bishops rise,

Inter campus shuttle is ok

S1 and S3 in St Albans operating full line of route

S2 and S4 are not running as its too dangerous

None of the Hemel services are running as its too dangerous

All Services will stop operating by 18.00hrs tonight because of the freezing conditions at night.