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Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Latest Service Update on 21/12/10

Operations bulletin: Tuesday 21 December 2010 at 1430

Most services are operating normally with the following exceptions:

602 not serving Porters Park, Shenley
621/622 not serving Victor Smith Court in Bricket Wood
655 not serving Doggetts Way, St Albans (buses are operating via King Harry roundabout)
St Albans local services :
• Buses towards New Greens are operating as far as the City Hosp[ital and Batchwood Drive only
• No service to Cottonmill at the current time

The Company will make representation to the local authority about the continuing poor state of the roads served by regular bus routes. At present it is too hazardous to serve these estate roads because of the narrow width of the carriageway caused by parked cars which means that when buses have to give way on an uphill gradient, as they will invariably have to do, they cannot move away again due to lack of traction.
The Company has a team of officials conducting regular checks on the condition of roads not currently being served


  1. It's a pity the bus driver didn't have the decency or the command of the English language to let us know that the bus wasn't going down Porters Park Drive. I have only just found this website, as it's certainly not made easy. When I realised that the bus wasn't taking this route, I asked that he stop, but he refused and dumped me at the bottom of the very steep hill - Black Lion Hill. The pavements are covered in snow and ice and the hill has a steep gradient. As I am asthmatic I had to keep stopping and putting my bags down in the snow in order to get up the hill. I then had a further walk to get to my house that it off a side road about half way down Porters Park Drive and all in the dark and cold. It's an absolute disgrace when passengers are treated in this way. You need to train your staff to keep passengers informed and in the present circumstance, let them off rather than dumping them in places that could cause them to half a heart attack in order to get home. You are a bl.....dy disgrace.

  2. Who the fuck is this guy?

  3. why arent calls placed to the uno office being answered? or is the office shut? pls i lost my phone in the uni bus 632 on the 23rd and i have been trying to ring ever since with no luck. pls call or text me on 07792053252.